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Our four varieties of Squires & Beaumont Field Dog & Game have been designed to provide a holistic solution for the full life of your working dog.

Each of our products have been formulated with an ideal protein level, are made from quality British ingredients and will maintain a gundogs condition while out of season, training or working in the sporting field.

If you’re looking for the perfect food for your working dog, you’ve come to the right place.



Nutritious ingredients for all the essential nutrients

Squires & Beaumont uses only the finest quality ingredients providing all that your dog needs for a carefully balanced and highly digestible diet that contains no artificial flavours or colourings. The main source of protein is produced from fresh chicken and is a most valuable source of the essential amino acids needed for bone structure and strong supple muscles.

The careful blend of fats and oils from vegetable and animal sources provide the essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Carbohydrate from cereal source providing instant energy.

13 Vitamins & 12 Minerals for Peak condition

All 25 essential vitamins and minerals are included in each of the recipes. The amounts are carefully balanced for the different life stages and lifestyles and help ensure top condition seen in a glossy coat, bright eyes and healthy teeth and gums.

The range of Squires & Beaumont is a complete balanced food and it is not recommended that vitamin or mineral supplements are used.

Easily digestible for maximum benefit

Our food has a high digestibility (measured at around 84%) which means that it is far easier for your dogs digestive system to utilize and make the most of nutrients available in the food.

Your dog may require smaller amounts of food than a pet food of a lower grade to help stay in peak condition. As a result, stools will be smaller, more convenient for you and good for the environment.

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FEEDING ADVICE For your working dog

Because our food has been made with high quality ingredients which are highly digestible and nutritious, smaller amounts may be needed unlike most other complete foods.

Feed your dog a daily amount according to your dogs energy level and body weight, subtract or add 10% over 3-4 weeks until the dogs weight has stabilized. Feed as a dry food except during weaning, when a small amount of moisture is helpful and always supply lots of fresh water.

The addition of supplements should never be necessary and could prove harmful unless advised by your veterinary surgeon.

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