Sick dog Harley beats Colitis

Cotswolds dog Harley, a collie/lab cross, is now fit and well at the age of 12 thanks to a dog food designed for gundogs.

Harley, who lives with his owner Abi in Bourton-on-the-water has suffered with bouts of colitis (severe diarrhoea) for most of his life and was pretty miserable.

“He had frequent spells in hospital on a drip and I feared I might lose him to this condition.” – Abi, Owner

Their local vet tried Harley on a variety of treatments and diets but nothing seemed to offer a long term solution.

Recommended by a friend, Abi finally stumbled across a dried food formulated for gundogs which worked almost straight away.

The gluten free food from UK based manufacturer Squires & Beaumont cleared up Harley’s colitis, improved his overall condition and put life back into the old dog.

Harley’s owner was surprised at the results from a food aimed at hardworking gundogs consisting of only 5 ingredients.

Abi owes her thanks to her friend who recommended this food, a type she would never have normally considered being formulated for gundogs.

The knowledge used from the gundog world in making this food has changed Harley’s life and his owner’s too.