Dog bowl with kibble


Here at Squires & Beaumont, we understand the need for a well balanced working diet.

That’s why we designed our Field Dog & Game range to provide a holistic solution for the full life of your working dog.

Each product has been formulated with an ideal protein level, made from quality British ingredients to maintain a gundogs condition while out of season, training or working in the sporting field.

If you’re searching for the perfect food for your working dog, pick up a bag of Field Dog & Game today.


Field Dog & Game is a highly nutritious complete food designed for the special needs of Puppies in the early growth stage. The level of balanced ingredients provides all the essential nutrients for muscle and tissue building and strong bones and teeth.

The food is easily digestible in bite sized nuggets acceptable to all mouths and is highly appetising.

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Field Dog & Game Regular has a carefully selected nutritional balance to meet the requirements of normally active dogs.

The quality ingredients provide balanced proteins and energy for healthy activity and the correct levels of minerals and vitamins to help dogs maintain peak fitness and condition.

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Field Dog & Game Regular Plus is gluten free to help dogs with skin complaints or sensitive digestive systems and is specially balanced to meet the additional nutritional needs of dogs with higher activity levels.

The high quality ingredients not only provide all the essential nutrients, but being easily digestible, dogs can make maximum use of the extra protein to help give the best performance.

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Field Dog & Game Regular Plus


Field Dog & Game Keepers Choice is a well balanced maintenance ration designed for all breeds of working dogs.

A carefully mixed recipe of cereals and meat to give dogs the right levels of protein and energy when working or resting.

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Field Dog & Game Keepers Choice